Purposefully entering their story.

Our Mission:

Encourage people by purposefully entering their story.

Our Vision:

To see a worldwide chain reaction of encouragement that would empower people to live a daring adventure in this short life that we have.  This is sparked by the sudden loss of my brother, Tim Clark.  One month before his sudden death in 2014, he wrote out a mission statement to:

“Rescue even one man from the misery of failure and help them reach their full potential.”

The Problem:

We see broken people in a broken world that feel stuck and alone.

Our Solution:

Live out an authentic faith in Jesus and overflowing encouragement and love to one person at a time.

Win will focus on the men.  |  Brian will focus on young people.  |  Erin will focus on teen girls and women.

Our Core Values:

  • Authentic faith in God and actions that overflow from that faith.
  • Only work with those willing to impact others lives for good.
  • Creating Content Consistently to Encourage and Equip people to change their lives and those around them.


Brian & Erin Clark

Brian – leading the charge on content creation, to encourage and equip people to act on what matters. My passions are: positive impact THROUGH others as they watch our example, mobilize people from stuck to acts that matter, and follow Jesus closer.

Erin – Mentoring and encouraging women from our previous ministries and through the Priceless Project at our local middle school.

Win & Nancy Clark

Discipleship and building into men in Hamilton county and beyond. Win has 400+ men that he has personally been a part of mentoring the last ten years. Continue to lead Saturday 7AM Men’s S.O.A.P. (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer)

Working with Brian in putting together discipleship retreats for men in Indiana, Florida, and Nova Scotia.

A primary goal of PeopleBridge in 2019 is bridging relationships between good people that are doing awesome things. Scroll through these people, organizations, and resources for yourself or someone you know.

As we travel around America and different countries in 2019, a God sized goal we have is to bridge key relationships that will open doors of encouragement and resources that we could never bridge ourselves.