Encouraging People
By Purposefully
Entering Their Story.

 We believe EVERYONE has the potential to influence others for good.  

We are A GUIDE for people to walk over the bridge and encourage life change in others.

Why is Encouragement Needed?

Our Two Step Approach
to Encouragement

1. Encouraging People through Personal relationships

Through entering one story at a time in person or online people feel value and love.

People Bridge has a passion to energize Encouragement Activists around the globe.  An Encouragement Activist has a worldview that puts others over self and looks for ways to encourage people personally.  

We equip every Encouragement Activist with tools to impact others for good and change the world.


2. Encouraging Organizations and bridging partnerships

We are partnering with local hip hop artists Deraj and Roy Tosh to bring the True Identity Tour to churches and schools.

We partner with The Priceless Project bridges relationships with caring adults and at risk young girls in middle school.

Our partnership with David and Jacinta Gathua serving with Set Apart Ventures in Kenya impacts lives daily.

Our partnership with RIP Medical Debt is forgiving thousands of people of their crippling medical debt.

One Encouraging Life Change Story

People Bridge was sparked by the sudden loss of Tim Clark. One month before his sudden death in 2014, he wrote out a mission statement to:

“Encourage even one person to live to their full potential.”


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