TobyMac Loses His Oldest Son, 21, Truett Foster McKeehan

TobyMac lost his oldest son, Truett Foster McKeehan, to cardiac arrest this week.  The cause of death could have been self-harm or simply hereditary heart failure like my brother.  It doesn’t really matter. It is sudden. It is the loss of a child.

Like a few of you, I have been a disciple of TobyMac since the late ’80s.  I know more verses from DC Talk and TobyMac albums than I do from the Bible.  HipHop is a language that shapes culture and language for good and evil all over the world from slums to mansions.  It is spoken from the heart. 

Amazingly, TobyMac has stayed on the top of the Christian and secular charts for over 30 years.  He has been faithful to his calling to influence for good and be authentic. This is NOT EASY in the music industry, even in, especially in, the Christian music scene.

Yet right now, in his families deepest pit of despair is when people will listen more than ever.  His tribute to his son yesterday has gone viral (read it when you can) as so many would love a dad like him, can feel the pain with him, and feel a connection to him through his music.  His authenticity about loss, love, family, and faith will be listened to and heard more than thousands of sermons preached this weekend in churches across America from a minister.  

It is easy to see that Truett has had a rough few years of trying to make a go of music himself, the comparisons to his dad, and just the reality of the music industry and being a creative.  Having a name and having money right now with social media and all, I believe, is showing itself to be more of a curse than a blessing.  

Yet again, I will say this with passion…it will be the close friends that show up the next few weeks.  It will be the people that ask with a sincere heart AND LISTEN three years from now to one of Truett’s family members, “Tell me what you miss about Truett today?”  It will be a few people touched by TobyMac’s music that reach out with a sincere letter in the mail that bring healing and hope and love. It is in the remembering and showing up.  Remember and show up for one person today.

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