Powerful Forgiveness Story

I have watched this four times and cried each time. It is the most powerful form of forgiveness. It is the gospel of Jesus in action. It is more powerful than any sermon or book I have ever read.

Understand the backstory…Amber, a former Dallas cop was just convicted of the murder of his brother. You can’t make this up. She was coming home late, thought she was entering her own apartment. Yet she entered Botham’s that lived a floor above her by mistake. She shot and killed an innocent black man in his own apartment. This does, and should, bring outrage even as an accident.

I know the sudden loss of a brother. It is different, but the same. It is tragic. It should not be. Yet it is. Chaos over Peace in the world.

Yet, “I forgive you…The best thing you can do is give your life to Christ…can I give her a hug? Please. Please.”

It is not spoken in arrogance or condemnation or “I am right.” It is spoken with humility, with compassion, as he sees her as a person with massive guilt and regret. He sees that she is in need of forgiveness and feels so alone and broken. He is visibly shaking as he speaks this.

This is why the gospel is so powerful. This should be lived out more around the globe through all societies and ethnicities. Yet CHAOS trumps PEACE in this world so often. Many have an agenda.

This is why I have and will follow Jesus’ example of forgiveness and grace. I accept his forgiveness of my sins through his sacrificial death and live a life for others because of what I have been given. I don’t ‘do’ because I have to, I ‘do’ because I am free to. It is grace. Free. I love this.

I hope you take a few minutes to watch this and be moved like I was.

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