Couponing for Needy Friends in Venezuela

Today I went over to Angel and Lorelis apartment. They are both originally from Venezuela. That country is in a VERY tough place right now.

Angel works three jobs and Lorelis is a stay at home mom who has been couponing for over a year. She goes shopping and every month is able to get hundreds of things for nearly free. Even though she has a computer science engineering degree, here in America when she does work, it is housekeeping.

One practical thing they do I have never thought of is send boxes of practical items over to trusted friends that they know in the country of Venezuela. The price of food and commodities has skyrocketed and seems to only be going up.

The cost to send a fairly large box of goods is only about $50. If you would like to join me in shipping one box over, please let me know. They have the goods, we have $50 to help ship! It is one act of kindness at a time. This is what People Bridge is all about.

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