Brokenness Leads to Passion

It is out of our greatest brokenness that our voices raise the loudest and we will have the greatest influence. My personal passion through #wearepeoplebridge is to connect people to relationships and resources that can impact them emotionally, spiritually, and physically. There are so many needs. Yet there are so many of us that can meet one need and one relationship at a time!

For me, it is about modeling this for people to see so they can do the same through stories, videos, and resources. I am learning how to do this and don’t have it all figured out. I am walking with others trying to do the same in America and different countries. It is hard, yet so worth it.

What is your one next step today to encourage or impact one person? I am going to take 5 minutes and finish a letter on my desk to a friend that needs encouragement and support. I am going to put that letter in an envelope, seal it, stamp it, and put it in the mail. You?

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