Brandon’s Story: Engaged in Life Now

Brandon was most know at Carmel High for supposedly being an “undercover cop.” He bounced around schools with family instability and landed at CHS during a week where a number of kids were busted for weed. Many thought he was undercover and was the person that told on everyone as he looked older than the 16-year-old young man that he was. We spend a good deal of time together over pizza, at our house, and through very challenging times in his life.

We have stayed in touch over texting, calling, and Snapchat the last few years.

Now Brandon has a full-time job in Noblesville, engaged to his high school sweetheart, Vanessa, and asked me to be a part of marriage counseling and their wedding.

Every person needs a friend to walk with and believe in them. Walk with people and don’t give up!

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