46 Year Old Thoughts on Failure and Success

Year 46 is now coming upon me!  Here are my thoughts on failure, self-doubt, pride, adventure, and success.

This weekend I invested time with Brett, Noah, Laney and their friends.  Being. Being with them. Doing life. Nothing perfect. This morning Erin and I talked and prayed on the back deck after sending the kids to school, connecting needs in Kenya over WhatsApp for our March trip, ordering Pizza Hut for a family in downtown Orlando that is hungry, and preparing for a meeting.  

I have a goal to “begin with the end in mind”, yet often get caught up in relationships.  

The end goal of my short life on earth is to live with little regret.  As Helen Keller says, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”  

I long to live the adventure.  A true #Enneagram7

I look back over the last 25 years and do have regrets: 1. Not doing more.  2. Not putting myself in other’s shoes better, and just assuming. 3. Pride.  Flat out pride and arrogance.     

I get caught up.  I get caught up in self-doubt and comparison and feeling unworthy.  It is funny because I know earth is a speck in view of the universe.  I am one of 7 billion living now. I know God’s view of me and I know my identity is in Christ.  I live in grace and don’t “do” for the sake of applause. Yet the pain and suffering physically, emotionally, and spiritually is massive in Orlando, Africa, and all over the world!  There is so much “to do”.

Yet, so much of life seems to be the “in-between” at this season of life.  It is not about highlights or dramatic lows. It is driving in the car, preparing a meal, writing an email, sleeping, and making decisions every day on basic tasks.  Not a lot of people have the same perspective on life so I can feel alone as well. 

Also, looking back, I see failure.  Ahhh, failure. If you attempt anything that is outside of the box, expect to experience failure and regret.  I sure have! I know it is needed. I laugh it off at times and I embrace it, but it also stings. I want to fail 100X over in the decades to come.  Without failure, I would not experience much of the success and joys of life. 

Our goal through People Bridge is to encourage people and enter story.  It is listening, to see where God is working, and to multiply through others and not be the hero of the story. It is about being a bridge, a connector, to needs and relationships.  This is messy, yet looking back over this last year I smile. Life is all about people and always will be. #wearepeoplebridge

Thanks for caring and I hope you live the adventure today.  Love and serve others, be a bridge, and smile…

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